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The first time I saw him in August 2010, I thought he was a giant (If you’ve met him, you’ll understand—he is a large man). Out of all of the men out there (giants or otherwise), I think Jon Jon is the most hunkalicious of them all.

Jon Jon loves:                                     Jon Jon could live without:

1. Architecture!                                   1. Cilantro

2. Climbing trees/anything!                 2. Medicine (besides Codeine)

3. India Pale Ales!                               3. Apathy

4. Cycling!                                           4. Sleep

5. Cribbage!                                        5. Pomeranians

With Jon Jon in my life, it is bound to be exciting, adventurous, and a little strange. He makes me stronger and teaches me so much daily. Who could ask for anything more?


From the first time I laid eyes on her I thought she was incredibly gorgeous. She looked happy and stood out. Our paths finally crossed in August of 2010 and I remember trying to compliment her smile without it being awkward. It was.

Megan loves:                                      Megan could live without:

1. Children!                                         1. Noisy neighbors

2. (Close second) Shiba Inu!               2. Driving

3. Stouts and porters!                         3. Cacti

4. Singing!                                           4. Eating meat

5. Pajamas!                                         5. Me wearing short, cut-off jeans

I can’t wait to go on a thousand adventures and get to know her better everyday.  We’re a great team and devoted to a life of family, simplicity, & action. She’s the best I know.