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You will probably never meet someone with a more “chill” personality than Heidi. She is always up for anything and always has the best attitude. I am so impressed by the growth I have seen within her in the past couple of years as the Lord has strengthened her into an even more wonderful woman. I hope she will one day move out to Colorado and open up a pottery shop.


I started living with Madison in the fall of 2008, our freshman year. Now, four years later, it will be strange and sad to go back to life without Madison as a roomie. She passionately declares that she has the Aristotelian virtue of “mildness” and she loves ice cream. As Student Body President her senior year, she has come a long way from being a freshman with a parrot on her shoulder. Whether she ends up as a lawyer or a florist, beauty is bound to follow Madison wherever she goes for all of her days.

Charlotte is a woman of many talents. You might know her for one or more of the following: dance circle skills (especially when 90s hip-hop is involved), Mexican food, videography, or beautifully curly locks. She loves eating meat, which is a challenge for our friendship, but she is so great that I have stuck with her through it. I have had so much fun with her in my life (even when we’ve had to watch foreign films for class that we thought would never end) and don’t know what I will do when I don’t see her every day. I am banking on our paths crossing again. I am thrilled to have her as my Maid of Honor. She deserves it.

Annie Laurie is a very loving person, as long as you say both parts of her name. She has moved around the country quite a bit, which has made her a cultured, wise woman. Although she is one of my newest friends, she is one of the closest to my heart. She is a talented writer, decorator, and nanny and she loves playing the Pride and Prejudice songs on the piano. She is one of the most honest people I know, which I appreciate so much. I am so glad I talked to her on the elevator that day!

Growing up, my sisters and I would always fight over who would sit by cousin Jenna on rides at Disneyland. I usually won, and I’m pretty sure she was happy about that. Although I was only able to spend time with her about once a year, those trips to Southern California will always stick out in my memory. Jenna is a loyal friend, fashionista, and an eager learner. In a couple years she will be the cutest elementary school teacher ever!

It is hard to look back on the good times I’ve had with Jamie without cracking up. Whether we were having water fights in our room at night, making videos on our first digital camera, or “ice skating” on our kitchen floor, having Jamie as a sister has been delightful. She loves literature, music, and thinking deeply. She also loves late night snacks. I think she is so beautiful, will always cry when she sings “A Foggy Day in London Town” to me, and I love her very much.

People used to say Brenna would be the first woman president. I’m pretty sure she would be terrible at that, but I know she will do a great job at whatever she decides to do. She has followed in my footsteps in a few ways, but always with a style that is all her own. She is a great photographer and loves when you call her “Brenda.” She is also hilarious (but never tell her that you think what she says is funny because she thinks that ruins it). Brenna is bound to do great things!

Whether you just need to talk or pray through something or get some great advice, Avery is your girl. She may be from Dallas but, apart from occasionally wearing Cowboy boots and busting out in a line dance, she fits perfectly in her current Manhattan home. She loves making up little ditties about everything and she makes a mean homemade pizza. My time as her roommate has been so special and fun and I am thrilled to have her in my wedding.

The first time I saw him in August 2010, I thought he was a giant (If you’ve met him, you’ll understand—he is a large man). Out of all of the men out there (giants or otherwise), I think Jon Jon is the most hunkalicious of them all.

Jon Jon loves:                                     Jon Jon could live without:

1. Architecture!                                   1. Cilantro

2. Climbing trees/anything!                 2. Medicine (besides Codeine)

3. India Pale Ales!                               3. Apathy

4. Cycling!                                           4. Sleep

5. Cribbage!                                        5. Pomeranians

With Jon Jon in my life, it is bound to be exciting, adventurous, and a little strange. He makes me stronger and teaches me so much daily. Who could ask for anything more?

From the first time I laid eyes on her I thought she was incredibly gorgeous. She looked happy and stood out. Our paths finally crossed in August of 2010 and I remember trying to compliment her smile without it being awkward. It was.

Megan loves:                                      Megan could live without:

1. Children!                                         1. Noisy neighbors

2. (Close second) Shiba Inu!               2. Driving

3. Stouts and porters!                         3. Cacti

4. Singing!                                           4. Eating meat

5. Pajamas!                                         5. Me wearing short, cut-off jeans

I can’t wait to go on a thousand adventures and get to know her better everyday.  We’re a great team and devoted to a life of family, simplicity, & action. She’s the best I know.