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If I surfed, I’d want these boards

bowl turner

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My little Sis made this from footage of the wedding. She did everything. Woot.

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Being Married is awesome.  One of the greatest things about being married is experiencing the traditions that go along with it. Some of these traditions are ignored or done merely because people have always done it. The Bachelor party belongs to the latter.  To me, I have either left a bachelor party early to protect the goodness left in my soul, wish I had, or been disappointed when great men define being responsible as doing nothing. After attending my friend Brian’s bachelor party, I long for more. Though the planned camping trip was rained out, we sat around a campfire smoking pipes, having great conversation, and all standing in awe of the mystery of marriage.  Since then I decided to settle for nothing less.

A couple years later I’m in the same spot. For my Bachelor party me and a few fine men climbed to 14ers, smoked, drank responsibly, but gained a higher high than any amount of drugs society can offer. The party ended with us exhausted, encouraged, and manlier than when we left. Below are a few tips on what I think made this possible. I hope to share more pictures and the story of my party later.


1. Have it more than a day in advance.

This is not always possible, but when it is, do it. If you have an epic party, you will be exhausted. Recovery time is key. Yes, a few won’t be able to make it. But you can always plan to have a bonfire or night hike the night before the wedding to include those who can’t attend the real celebration.  Also, if your friends are in town a few days in advanced, they usually end up being very helpful in the days leading to the wedding picking up tasks etc.

2. Think personal.

Know what you want or need out of a party and come up with ideas that support that. Not the type to drink and have strippers? Don’t. Well,, even if you are the type to do that you probably still shouldn’t. The point is, be creative. The party is meant to be uplifting, uniting friends from different times in your life, and being emboldened to become the man marriage will demand.  I’ve seen parties that included extreme theme parks, camping,  dousing clay pidgeons with goo from glow sticks and shooting at night. De different.


3. Invite only who you honestly want to be there.

This is a time to be exclusive. The wedding will be full of people whom convention has demanded attend. This is a time for you to circle yourself with the real men in your life.


4. Don’t do stupid things and tell your friends to help.


Have a go to man who can tell you when to stop. These are the guys who made me wear sunscreen so I didn’t look like a lobster for my wedding. They will be the ones who make sure you cease the moment you cross the line.

5. Have a go to guy.

Don’t assume the party is just going to happen. Assigning a go to guy is a good way to get the ball rolling. This can be the best man or anyone you trust. The engagement season can be stressful and you should be able to give people his number if you have questions.

6. Be a little bit involved.

Having a go to guy is great. But letting him know what you want out of the time with the guys is a good idea. IF your friends are planning on surprising you, and you trust them, great.  It might, however, still be a good idea to give them a short list of things you don’t think will be helpful.  I told my friend I wanted to Climb a 14er, who I wanted invited, and I gave him free reign on the rest. He even chose the mountain.

7. Don’t expect perfection.

That’s all.

8. Do something a little bit crazy

There should probably be conversations or events which are only a part of stories retold to those who were there. Don’t force it, don’t be stupid, but act boldly in all you do.

Great place! Wish it were in CO.